Monday, September 5, 2011

Electronics and Carpentry

Swampcooler and more 388.JPG
Swampcooler and more 428.JPG
Swampcooler and more 450.JPG

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  1. Loving it guys! I guess it was an old wives tale , I always thought batteries couldn't be on the ground as they would discharge? I guess I heard that long ago and just took it as fact, I hate when I do that :-)
    The reason I was writing today was really just to tell you 2 to be careful, the news makes it seem like Texas is burning and it sure looks like it could. I was happy to see the temps come down. Seemed like it was over 100 for like well a long time.
    Sad about these fires. I sure hope you guys get some rain.
    Im off to work, have a great day guys. Btw the puppy is getting big!!
    Take care,
    ps: the image in the previous post of the water cooler , radiator and some water along with a fan. If you dont mind I would like to borrow that, I work in A/C seling them here in Florida is a decent trade to be in and I think I can have some fun with that pic, ofc I bet the air that comes off that feels pretty good to boot :-)