Thursday, September 22, 2011

Buildings Up

Well Sara's been away on a business trip and I had been alone finishing the shop foundation and the building was due a day earlier. Jessica and Dan of shady 80 came over and helped get the remainder of blocks set. Thanks! Jessica and Dan. We were able to fill all the block cores of the long walls with concrete, which is the mounting point for the building.
Shop foundation
Are sand gravil mix, mixed with 15% Portland cement. 
Shop foundation
Concrete mixer
Filling blocks with concrete

Completed Foundation
Both Dad and I ordered buildings which are 24'x30 feet 16.4 feet tall. TNT carports started at 7 am Wensday 21 st. on my dads building and quickly had it framed out.

Dads building frame

Dads building
Dads completed Barn
Dads barn
Our Shop! Or AllEnergies research and development center: 

AllEnergies Research and Development Center

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