Sunday, October 17, 2010

An Excellent October

At the beginning of this month my good friend Arick arrived for a few months' stay on the Terlingua Ranch. Arick originally guided us to this place and he also has a lot of input on the micro-windpower technology.

We have been working on a few projects, and one of the more fun ones was building adobe nesting "caves" for the chickens. This was Sara's design that we had been wanting to try.  We managed to pour a footing with 8% Portland in the adobe mix, and also lots of old bottles and cans. Chicken Cave
The wall is 18" thick. We used a bucket for the form and we plan on making a slightly thicker mixture so that we can shape the rest of the wall by hand into some interesting curves.

My parents Kathie and Robert arrived on the 13th and stayed for a very busy and exciting seven days. We started their trip off by visiting the Cottonwood Spring and exploring Smugglers' Notch.
Notch My parents also looked at some property on the Ranch, and one of the more notable pieces is picture below.
Tract NC 869 My father, Arick, and I were lucky enough be taken to the Agua Fria Ranch by TR GM Frank. It was an amazing tour! This place has a rich history, mainly due to the spring which feeds the area. The ride took us through beautiful pasture, but the highlight was the spring and its surroundings. Simply amazing.
Agua Fria Ranch
Spring House
Spring's source

Ancient petroglyphs
Some of the friendly locals
Dad and I hacked out a new, circular driveway, and in doing so we pulled out a ton of the invasive greasewood (aka creosote bush). Using Dennis' patent-pending greasewood popper:
Grease wood Tool We finished off my parents visit with a trip to the underground bar and grill La Kiva
(L to R): me, Arick, Dad and Mom

Sara at the Reo Grande To finish off our evening we made a trip down to the Rio Grande at Lajitas to watch the sunset.