Sunday, December 30, 2012

Drizzly day

We visited our friend Dennis today and picked up 12 battery cores he donated from his defunct bank.  We also got to check out his latest project, repainting the dome exterior using this fancy 'Koolcoat' additive.  Supposedly it can add up to R2 insulating with these tiny foam beads (think fluffy grains of superfine sand).

In other news, we have been letting the chickens out to scratch and explore a few hours per day. But because of our tenacious coyote, these outings must be closely supervised!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Things to See in Big Bend

Juan de Leon grave, BBNP
Ernst Tinaja, BBNP

Museum of the Big Bend, SRSU, Alpine

Cattail Falls, BBNP

Chimneys, BBNP

Gilberto Luna's Jacal, BBNP

Santa Elena Canyon, BBNP

Tuff Canyon, BBNP

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dark December

Sorry for the long gap in entries ... we are just feeling overwhelmed lately.

But it is good to be busy, and we are happy to be moving forward on many projects at once.

The shooting yesterday at Sandy Hook Elementary reminds us that every moment is precious, and every day a gift. We hope that everyone is holding their loved ones a little closer.

Before the massacre in Connecticut, we celebrated Sara's birthday at Big Bend National Park. We visited Boquillas Canyon, near the border village of the same name (and the embattled border crossing -- will it ever open?).

Perhaps this brief serenade by Victor will lift your spirits: